Islamorada offers some of the biggest and most plentiful bonefish than any other key. However, just because there are a lot of bonefish here doesn't mean they are easy to catch. Florida Keys bonefish are extremely spooky. The only way to capture one of these flats rats is to use utmost stealth. With the littlest splash you can send an entire school running for deep water.

Tarpon are another amazing plus of the Florida Keys. Though there are many tarpon that are residence in the keys, the hot temperatures of the summer bring a large amount of migrating fish into the area. Since the tarpon are migrating, it allows anglers to sight cast to these amazing creatures. One thing is for certain, if you haven't had a run in with a tarpon, you have not experienced fishing to its fullest. The best times to sight fish for tarpon are in May and early June. Though warming temperature has a lot to do with their migration, May and June have proven to be the best times to find these fish moving.

Within a close proximity to the keys lies the Everglades National Park, most popularly distinguished as Flamingo. Flamingo has incredible fishing grounds for species such as snook, tarpon, redfish, goliath grouper, triple tail, sea trout , and a couple other fun fish that can brighten an uncooperative day. The scenery surrounding Flamingo is indescribable. It is not uncommon to actually see flamingos, Rosetta spoonbills , and ospreys completing their everyday tasks. All of this allows for a great fly-fishing and/or light tackle fishing experience.