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Islamorada has some of the biggest and smartest bonefish out of virtually anywhere in the world. Trying to capture an Islamorada bonefish is a feat that thousands of people attempt every year. Unlike areas such as the Bahamas, Islamorada has some of the biggest bonefish that you will ever see. The average size bonefish here ranges anywhere between seven and eight pounds. Though there are many small ones caught, it is more likely that you will catch an eight pound bonefish than a four pound bonefish.

The bonefish is actually one of the main reasons why I wanted to be a fishing guide here in Islamorada. Fishing for bonefish is more like hunting. Everything has to work out just right in order to trick one of these intelligent fish into eating whatever it may be that you are throwing at them. The team work between the guide and the angler is a big factor in landing this beautiful creature. I can guarantee you one thing; there are not many people that love to fish for bonefish more than I do. I take pride in catching my clients these fish and always try to keep things as exciting as possible. An angler can catch a bonefish on both spinning and fly fishing gear. Whatever your preference may be, both techniques are a ton of fun... Just remember to bring your "A Game."